Break The Surface

March 6, 2017
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In darkness    
A small sliver of light                                                                 Close but seemingly far
Glancing around it’s just you
A racing mind
Deafening silence
Muffled thoughts
Harken to solitude
The acrid taste of pain
A metallic tang
It lingers on your tongue
For what seems
To be years
The touch of the space
Around you is frigid
A frozen breeze
Feeling weightless
But also laden
The scent
Radiates bitter sorrow
Invading the area
It permeates
Lost prospects

Break the surface


Sunlight encaptures
Almost blinding
Regained auditory
Waves crash
Once clouded judgment
Begins to fade
Glory is heard
Songs of adulation
Played by immortal symphonies
Sweet nectar
Fills the space
Between teeth and tongue
Once occupied by pain
Warmth now graces the lungs
Caresses the skin
And travels through the veins
A sudden elated scent
It breathes bliss
A scent of security
Each breath smoother
Than the last
Euphoric clairvoyance
New perceptions

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