I am Jewish

February 27, 2017

Tears run down my face
Stupid Jew
F***ing Jew

Money clatters at my feet
Pick up the penny Jew
Come on! Pick up the penny!

Their words stab me like knives
I’m bleeding
Bright red blood spills on the floor
Staining everything red
What’s the difference between
A Jew and a pizza?
What’s the difference between
A Jew and a boy scout?

Punches to my pride
Kicks to my dignity
Everybody hates you!
Shoulders turn to face me
Until I’m enclosed in a circle

No friendly faces
I’m surrounded
Yet utterly alone
I’m on HItler’s side!
People who I once thought were
My friends abandoned me
You’re being a p****
You’re making a big deal over nothing
You’re over reacting!
Am I? Am I really?
Do I not stand for
That they’re making fun of?
I run, only to fall
Down, down, down
Into this black abyss
That eats away
At my skin
At my mind
Until the world is spinning
Nothing seems real anymore
Trying to center myself,
To pretend this isn’t happening
But It seems like
Nothing will ever be the
Same ever again
Trips to to office
My name on the
This is all her fault!
If she hadn’t
Said that she was
Proud to be Jewish
None of this would’ve
It’s all her fault

Four hands reach
Into the abyss
As I fall backward
The wind rushing past
My ears
Arms and legs splayed
Like a starfish
A starfish of depression
A starfish of doom
My starfish of doom
Four bright rays of
Golden sun
Keeping me from
Falling any further
Could four people really
Truly, make that much
Of a difference
In this sea of hate
That I’m swimming in?
But for now I’m
Safe, the air slowly
Climbing into my chest
Maybe everything will be all right
But only if the voices stop
Oh. My. God
I hate you
He’s mad at you
They don’t like you
I wish you would’ve told me sooner
Don’t talk to them
So ignorant

The pile keeps building
Weighing me down
Will the hands be enough
To save me from
This deathly nightmare?
I am Jewish
I am curvy
I am curly-haired
I am Jewish
My ancestors starved
In concentration camps,
My ancestors fled to the USA
My ancestors
Died because of a man,
A man so unbelievably
Horrible he felt the need
To kill everyone who was different
Six million of my people died
An entire day is dedicated
In remembrance to this
And I am being made fun of for this
For the six numbers that
Marked their arms
For being killed
In discusting ways
I am Jewish
I am proud
I am Jewish
That is me
Do not discriminate
Against me
Or anyone else
I am Jewish

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Jstadtmauer said...
Mar. 10 at 6:23 pm
You strong, courageous girl! Your words make me cry. You shed light in the fear of the "other" that still exists in the here and now. Keep writing your truth. You are a bright light and a true artist.
Butterfly said...
Mar. 10 at 2:00 pm
I Applaud you for your bravery and admire you for your strength. I know your people suffered, it's true they died. It's also true that you are a beautiful innocent human being. A being that deserves to Be. And we as a people are suffering, we as a people are sick. We need to heal. We need to heal so that our children and their children will know a life and a love on a universal level. One that I believe is free of cancer, pollution, bigotry, and fear. Keep writing. Keep being you, kee... (more »)
CrossBowThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Mar. 8 at 12:23 pm
you have talent and need to keep on writting
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