The Rupture To A Perfect Life

March 4, 2017
By PJ-Skittles GOLD, Pittsfield, Illinois
PJ-Skittles GOLD, Pittsfield, Illinois
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Comrades for eternity. Father time moves his timeless hands as I fall in love with you, like a drunk to a bottle of wine. Like being drunk I knew it was wrong of me to be getting closer to your heart, yet I go in for another message, a sip of sorts of your love.  You all the while never knowing I was madly in love, until that night. The night that changed my life forever, never judging me for loving you. Finding out my secrets you play along too. Life seeming like I am living the perfect life, yet one day behind the wheel, I get a notice of a lifetime, and you do not want to play along with the secret anymore, all the words I poured out upon your ear are now worth nothing….nothing to you, because I know my love is not given to any mortal, but to mortal beings in which are deserving of my love, my love is thicker than 300,000 mile oil, and I watered down my love to fit through your fine “screen”, and now the miles of love are gone and I am back to loving and missing you. The live love may be over, but don’t think for one second that my journey to seek your love is over, oh it has only just begun. Forever and always I will have a place for you in my heart, the love everlasting, you, me and forever.

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To my master lover I will obey

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