February 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Lost in the bottom
of a bottle
of rum
lines lay before me
snort all the entities
of the memories
and the ghosts that haunt me,
the person I said I'd never be
the future I cannot see
in this world we
drown the pain
and avoid the names
playing russian roulette as if
life were a game
we crave death
choking on each cigarette
but when does one learn
that happiness can be earned
without our ashes in an urn
we do not have to burn
our lives to the ground
or perfect to profound
and that our truest selves are what is renound
our spirits are bound
with the novels of heartbreak
and high stakes
every step every turn
the plot twists
are what make us sick
but create our identity
something nobody can take from thee
there is so much f***ing beauty
in the struggle,
embrace it
embrace it
and remember
like a phoenix from the flame
we will rise from the deepest pain.

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