Learned Life Lesson

February 24, 2017
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Learned Life Lesson

Lust, or passion for something greater than

you have or want is enough drive for many
Over time if you listen they’ll tell you “put forth your time
and effort toward something productive if any”
You’ll watch things and wonder “Is there anything worth committing to”
until something (or someone) time is worth you’d find
Academics should be your first priority, let's face it we’re teenage but ones  
social status is what some really worry about
Learning is the one way ticket to success if you put forth the effort
you’ll make it somewhere far in life if you dare mount
To  commit to such light level of responsibility shouldn’t be procrastinated
commitment is a promise that you support
Learning the ways of living come in many shapes but who teaches you is key
Over and over I fail ant finding my peace came with meeting her, a smart
and kind person came to me
Various times she’s been there to picked me up when I fell,  but
she never gives up on me when I trail
Every time I see her I remember loyalty and love is what we are
and as long as we communicate we won't fall apart
Life is full of decisions what you do follows you in the long run
All said and done you'll know where you stand,
was that experience fun?
Usually others aren't humble and have it right in their hand
but you work hard for what you have
Get it done when you have the chance there
my come times you don’t
Honesty will get you bonds that you never knew you could have
cherish it, it isn't always around

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