February 24, 2017
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The thought of you makes me think about me:
About me, about you, about us.
You make me feel some type of way that I can’t explain
Love, interest, or infatuation, I’m not really sure,
Or I might just be denying everything to myself.
Remembering everything that we did,
Good and bad, it makes me sad.
Although this is nothing to you,
Bland and unconvincing,
Rest here my words for you:
I never thought I would have these feelings for you,
Even the thought of us being friends, I never expected that;
Learned a lot of things about you, and
Loved these things about you,
Even your flaws and imperfections,
Differences and uniqueness,
Everything about you,
Great things about you
Rushing through my veins are my blood screaming for your name
And the best things about you are inviting
Vividly flashing through my mind
Everywhere I go, your face I always want to see.

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