Partition Postulate

February 23, 2017
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A man sits within the security booth at an amusement park.
It’s nearing its closing.
He dozes off, an automated monitor
flips between three screens,
the flitting motion accompanied by a static crackle. The air conditioner hums.
They’re five.
From a distance they’re lined up, Orderly Soldiers.
But the drone moves in.
They’re yelling and cutting each other, pulling hair.
The drone moves out,
and picks up the dissonance.
Two ride operators are having a smoke, collars popped, hands shaky,
One of them can’t spark his lighter. The more he tries the more his
palms convulse.
The drone moves out.
It cradles the ?click click click
of desperation.
Some teenagers are fighting behind the park near the dumpsters,
prowling around each other in
?big hulky stances,
interspersed between the dance of jump-in-swing-fist-jump-out. The drone loves this.
It’s cacophony.
The dozing man doesn’t receive the drone’s signals (the monitor doesn’t transmit audio)
but somehow the din of the
air conditioning unit and the
intermittent static crackle
substitute well.
But he can’t hear Anything mid-doze.
The automated monitor is flipping faster and faster until past, present, and future
are all one.
No one owns their linear path.
The park is spiraling around its vertex.
How could I possibly deviate
from the arguing, lighting, fighting vices, when the whole world is equal to the sum of its parts?

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