Slavery of Mistakes

February 23, 2017
By SonofNas BRONZE, Plainsboro, New Jersey
SonofNas BRONZE, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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We vividly remember the times we’ve Failed
The times We’ve Lost
The times We’ve Feared
Haunted by the Discomfort the future challenge presents, We bailed.
Frozen in Embarrassment and Shame, We shiver in Its Everlasting Frost.
Caught in the Remembrance of Error and Wrong, We drown Our Blessings with Tears
Tears of Rejection
Tears of Depression
Tears that stem from Our Natural Imperfection
We let Our Mistakes Persevere
Time after Time, We are Beaten by the Blotches of Our Past
Its Shadows grow the Excuses for Defeat We make last
Make Us Forever doubt the Times of Our Prime
Make Us Forever tremble in the Tests for Success
Make Us Forever ruin the Intentions of Our Doing
We let our Mistakes Persevere
They Forge the Irons of Imperfection
That make the Shackles of Mistakes, that Chain Us to the Past
Detaining Us from Our Future Destined.
Stagnant in these Shackles and Its Stem of Chains
Fear turns to Rage; the Blood boils in the Veins
We look Beyond the Past and Its Stains
Because our Destiny is not to be Detained.
We Engage in this Battle
To Dismember ourselves from Mistakes, The Shackle
They Clatter
They Rattle
They Shake
They Twist
They Tremble
We Let Our Mistakes Persevere No Longer
The Shackles Are Dismembered, Every Chain broke down to the Last
Because Like a Phoenix Rises from the Ashes, We will Rise from the Darkness of Our Past
Every day we’ll Fight the Legacies our Mistakes have Made
Because We know Our Mistakes will never Fade
One Day They will be buried with Us in the Grave
And We’ll Forever be Renowned as the Runaway Slave

The author's comments:

The piece touches on the evil power of mistakes or failures, and how one can overcome them.

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