A New Tomorrow

February 23, 2017

As my body shuts down, like
If i were running out of battery.
I continuously begin to think about how,
My day went. Tired my body feeling,
Melted with fire. My eyes swiftly falling
Out of my face. I feel drowsy, as i let
My body fall onto my bed like a bee
Landing on a flower. I faceplant,
On my pillow like snow falling to the ground.
My bed a place I'd rather be,
Instead of any other. As a horrible day ends,
I have hope to start new. In my dreams I dream of a beautiful day,
Perfect and I say to myself,
The same thing as every other new
Awakening. I say how thankful i am,
To be alive. Like a dog wagging its tail,
I go out and go on with my day.


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