February 23, 2017

A child of a dying wish

the glass shards of my shattered soul

draw blood

in the dark.

I was born

with stars in my eyes,

the cosmos in my head - 

a ruler of the skies.

A fallen angel,

with tears of ink

staining my love,

fear in my heart.

Cruel daggers of ice

slice through my whisper-skin,

leaving scars,

angry, red,

like the monster inside.

Don't look back

into the abyss,

the swirling cesspool

of frigid light

and welcoming darkness.

Smoky tendrils encircle my throat,



Not a single sound escapes my lips

as my feet touch the ground.

Falling no more,

discarded by the heavens,

I am no one's daughter.

Now, there is only me - 


and my nightmares.

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