To know you better

February 23, 2017
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You think you're sad
and you must truly be
but what is it
that hurts you more

The broken eyes
in the heart that
begs to see

Or is it the
mother inside the child
who begs lead not be lead

I beg your heart
tell mine
what yours
beg to say

For I
I want
I want to always
I want to always be there
and here
and where you are
and wherever you need me be

I want to be there
for you

For you may not know
and neither feel
but the hurt
that troubles you
touches my soul harsher

say to speak
it is a snowball
an effect that shakes me down
as it comes rolling
larger than it hit you
not more
but brought you down

I wish I were better
I beg to know more
To understand
to feel
to emphasise
and devise
a plan to help you overcome

I want to know
what goes in your mind
and in your mind
and what touches you harsher
the lack of your own
or the unknown

I beg to understand
Oh lord
Hath I know for certain
you do, and do not
but today
do so for me

For you do for her
I believe
not in you
but in her
I have faith
and true, unsoiled emotion

I beg you
to tell me
and make her happy

So tell me
I beg again
what goes in thy heart
and in thy mind

And although I know
I’m not
the best,
as is known
but I want to be
the best for thee

So tell me more
tell me all
tell me even the thing I will hate
Trust me
I will love, and cherish and remember my hate
as nothing means more
but to know of you
from you
as is it too
a privilege.

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