Emo Angsty Love Poem 5

February 27, 2017
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This is not the first love poem you will read

More will be written and read in these pages

Pretty words of fluttering hearts and blood filled cheeks

Pages full of Petrachs pining for their Lauras

Readers sighing over every word


Dreaming of some form of intimacy

We are enamored with love

as much as we despise it

We long to find the supposed missing half of our soulds


Happy couples

Lucky bastards

What makes it easy for them?

I long for their skill


Love has always seemed to be bitter work

You break down your walls to build a pedestal

They break down the pedestal and leave you in the rubble

You can rebuild and swear off love

Live without lightning clouds of emotion rolling over your logic

It won't last


Cupid's arrow will strike

Bringing back the familiar rush

Love is rose pink heroin

One hit and you're almost certainly done for

Of course, reader, take this with a grain of salt

My next poem may be an ode to the awesome power of love


For now, I am more Mercutio than Romeo

With a warning to all the lovers

Your pedestals will be broken numerous times

There will be more Rosalines than Juliets

Love will never be easy but it's one addiction that won't kill you

Be wary

And avoid the sugar coated stories that only exsist in love poems

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