Rip Curl

February 27, 2017
By Anonymous

I have confided in the ocean

I have provided it with all my secrets

for the sake of safety

My truths wash over me like white water

The unadulterated power of the waves

provide mystery and security

small jewels decorate my sunkissed skin

like how the stars blanket the night sky

going over the vast and loney ocean

but yet

I confide in its loneliness

I bask in its purity

with each rip curl

I am reborn.

The author's comments:

The ocean to most is foreign and undiscovered, most fear it because of its mystery, most take shelter from its solidarity. I have found that I appreciate what most do not understand. In this poem I have tried my best to articulate my thoughts into a string of words that I hope bring light to something that is so beautiful yet terrifying at the same time. I've grown up on its shores and I have basked in everything that is has to offer. I hope that everyone has something as special as the ocean is to me, and if not. Then I hope people will read this poem and go out and find something that makes them feel as if nothing can touch them, to find something that evelopes your entirety.

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