February 27, 2017
By EmoryJane GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
EmoryJane GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
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If I am the queen of all mockingbirds
You must be the song that drips honey
And catches my selective ear
You drift to me on the
Vast wings of the morning breeze and enticed,
I want nothing more, nothing less,
Than to echo you.

If I am the hummingbird, free
To race through unsuspecting clouds and under inconvenient mountains
You are the wind before my eyes
I chase you through the sky beating
Emerald-soaked wings faster, faster, faster
And your whisper carries over my out-of-control heart
As you laugh at me to “catch up”.

If I am the heron with exhausted
Feathers made from the moodiest clouds
You can only be driftwood
Wind-blown, salt-soaked
Tattered as time ruthlessly throws you up one wave and down the next
Still you wait patiently to catch me when
I fall facefirst from my throne in the sky.

If I am the seagull that shoulders the storms of life
How can you be anything but the clear-eyed ocean
Calling me by name
I rush to hear the secret that
You whisper through the withdrawing tide
That you’ll insistently be there, that you’ll never give up
Because you can never settle for anything but me.

But when I meet you one day
I’ll just be a girl and
You’ll just be that boy that made
The sun shine a little brighter.

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