When I Wake

February 27, 2017
By AVEER BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
AVEER BRONZE, Rockford, Michigan
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When I wake

The thoughts of the day in the air around me

A million thoughts at once, at I reach out

I grab one, it tells me to stand

I grab another, it tells me to go start my day

When I wake

The smells of all surrounding me

I breathe

The aroma of outside coming through the ghosts that wave in front of my window


The scent of my mothers incense

Reminding me where I am


When I wake

The sound of the crow Next to my bed, who waits for 6:15 every morning

When I wake

The tastes of the people who were out and about inside my mouth as I slept come to me

Morning breath

When I wake

A thousand thoughts of what could become of today convince me to rouse.

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