February 27, 2017

The definition of grief is “deep sorrow,
especially that caused by someone’s death”.
But grief is not just sorrow for everyone
For some people grief is being angry. Grief is also hatred.
Why did you have to leave this earth?
Your presence was that of an angel.
From personal experience sometimes grief is like a
One-hundred-pound weight on your chest that
Does not allow you to breathe. Grief brought a sense
Of regret to my life. All the time that I could have spent with
You, all of that was gone. I would never be able to be with you
And I would never be able to see you smile one last time.
Now I know not to take those I love for granted
They could leave at any time expected or unexpected.
When I hear the news of what had happed I could not
Believe it, it was as if I was in a dream.
Everything around me began to slow down and
I was in the middle of a never ending nightmare
If I could see grief it would probably be a tall black figure
without a face that follows you wherever you go not matter what.
People say that only time can heal a wound caused by grief.
Well I don’t know yet because it has been so long since I last saw you
The wound you left behind has not healed yet.
And to this day sometimes I think that you will come over
Walk in through the front door but
That is an event that will no longer occur.
Life goes on yes but the feeling you get when you
Remember that your loved one is gone all the
Regret, anger and sadness come back to you all at once.
I guess time does help some of the pain go away but not all of
It goes away, deep down some days it still hurts.
At the end of the day all you can do is keep moving forward
And move on with your life.

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