A Sinful Encounter

February 27, 2017
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I stood, staring into darkness

As the moon outlined the silhouettes

It was just her and me in the bedroom


My breath was the only sound that broke the silence 

I could feel that she was back for me once more

I slowly began to walk closer to her


"Why are you back?" I gently whispered

She remained silent, as my words echoed in the room

I had said my goodbyes at the service, in hopes that our paths never crossed again


I suddenly felt a bitter resentment, I didn't want her back

This time, I sternly spoke out,

"Leave me alone. You are nothing but a figment of my imagination." 


Then a sudden gust of wind rustled the room

I could see her curling lip turning into a devilish and inhuman grin.

"You promised we would be together, forever."

As she spoke the now meaningless sinful promise


An object glinted in the moonlight and 

before I reacted, she pierced my heart

Leaving me to wake up to a hunting reality knowing,

she wasn't truly gone.

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LolGeorge said...
Mar. 6 at 4:35 am
This was crazy!!!!! Keep up the good work
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