February 26, 2017
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Someday you’ll turn twenty.
You’ll enter the third decade of your life.
You’ll be graduating college,
Heading down the road to getting your dream job.
You may get married,
Or you may stay single.
But you’ll still be you.

Someday you’ll turn thirty.
You’ll wonder-- Am I growing old?
But your friends and family will tell you otherwise.
It’s just another stage of your life.
You’re still you.

Someday you’ll turn forty.
You’ll have a family with a child,
Who you’ll love with all your life.
You’ll be settled in a home with a red picket fence,
And a job you love.
You’ll be sitting on your porch,
Staring at the clear blue sky,
Reminiscing in your past memories,
And you’ll wonder-- Have I changed this much?
But always remember, you’ll still be you.

Someday you’ll turn fifty.
Your children will go to college.
You’ll be back on your porch.
Watching as the young couple next door,
Moves in with all their stuff.
And you’ll remember, that was once me.
You’ll say-- Wow, I’ve changed so much.
But no matter what you may think,
You’ll still be you. 

Someday you’ll turn sixty.
You’ll retire from your job,
And decide to travel the world.
After all, that was your plan all along.
You'd get on the airplane, excited.
But after the 9 hour flight,
Your back would tense and you wouldn’t be able to move.
You’d remember your youth and think,
I’m just too old, and scared to take a risk.
Wow I really have changed.
But remember, no matter what,
You’ll still be you.

Someday you’ll be seventy.
You’ll be sitting in the hospital,
Waiting for the results.
They think you have a heart problem.
But they’re still not sure.
You’ll remember everything you ever wanted to do in life,
And you’ll laugh.
I am so different now, you’ll say.
But remember, you’ll still be the same.

Someday you won’t care about how old you are.
You’ll feel an aching pain in your chest.
And in that moment, you’ll know the end is coming.
You’ll remember your parents,
Your family,
Your kids.
You’ll remember every single thing that happened to you.
And you’ll think:
I’m still the same.

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