February 26, 2017

This is merely a compilation of my thoughts.
The ones that scroll through my head on the daily like my own personal newscast.
Some of them are breaking news, relevant yet short lived like yesterday's drama.

Some of them take up too much space, like the one that never seems to go away, the thought of the future.
Some of my thoughts have little importance. They blow up like a bubble, and then pop, leaving my mind with little effort.
Some of them are recurring.
They appear every so often bringing joy or pain or laughter or confusion.
My thoughts are constant.
Big and small.
Important and insignificant.
Happy and sad,
Yet uncontrollable all the same.

I've never once understood the thoughts that are broadcasted in my head.
They puzzle me the way a ball of yarn puzzles a cat.
Some of them merge, compiling into one blur of a thought,
Indistinguishable from the last.

These are my thoughts about thoughts.
The ones I will add to my compilation.

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