Into the Sun

February 26, 2017
Let there be light, let the stars form,
The darkness won't exist unless Pluto is born,
Eden now lives, upon fresh soil,
Give it some time to see human flesh boil.

Now comes extinction, time to move on,
Neptune was innocent as carbon passed on,
The creatures regain, they try again,
But their brains weren't well, and they went back where they'd been.

Uranus was young, and had beautiful rings
But they fliiped right side up from these demon-like things,
But somehow the life, it still moved on,
To make the next planet go terribly wrong.

Not a ring was on Saturn, they didn't exist,
Until human ashes created their mist,
As we stare at his brightness with love and joy,
He watches in pain for the next bomb to deploy.

Next came Jupiter, just a small little sphere,
But the gasses came quick, and he was in fear,
He destroyed all the men, and created a hell,
Don't go by him today, he'll kill u as well.

It took quite some time, but Mars got her share,
Of bright shiny glass, her beauty was rare,
But the creatures did not think, as they burned their home,
Her ashes are sand, and her life is now done.

But now we're on earth, a new era has begun,
If we live in peace, life will not run,
But soon enough, a bomb will be set,
And all of these things, we will soon forget.

Venus is waiting, his surface will cool,
He waits with mercury just like a fool,
Soon all will die, the span will be done,
As we fall towards our star, into the sun.

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