Behind Blue Eyes

February 25, 2017

Behind blue eyes where the mermaids swim

To the depths of the ocean casting magic on a whim

Glistening turqouise to midnight saphire hues

Will you dance with Neptune or sing to the blues?


Behind blue eyes when the night sky cools

Stars casting light on cerulean jewels 

Where mockingbirds nest at bluebell's slumber

Under the indigo hat can you guess the magic number?


Behind blue eyes wrinkled in time

Within the rhythm the wind speaks in rhyme

Periwinkle's eclipse outshines the blue moon

In the dead of night can you hear the raindrop's tune?


In beds of blue grass where whispers console

They tell me that eyes are the window to the soul

Because aquamarine is an excellent disguise

For secrets that linger behind blue eyes 

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