Who am I?

February 25, 2017

Who am I?

I'm having an identity crisis

At a crossroad in my life

I have failed to discover my personal identity

And it haunts me everytime I am asked

"Who are you"

Well, "I'm different" I say

But that is cliche

Because we are all unique

I am unconventional

My character fails to live up to common standards

Because I am far removed from the rest

On the surface I do not stand out

But my thoughts reveal otherwise

They scream desperately to escape my brain

To make their debut on paper 

I am an old soul

I walk to the beat of Dean Martin

And wish to go back to a time of petticoats and poodle skirts

My mental age far surpassed my physical being

This stark contrast is quite evident 

But I conceal it from the rest

Hiding my true soul; locked within me as my very own secret

So I beg the question

Is my heart really wise, over contemplating before I act?

Or am I simply a coward afraid to reveal my true identity?

This is the great paradox of my life:

I am both sagacious and afraid 

I must merit that my mind thinks differently 

Though I must break free from the mental web I have weaved

Trapped within the confines of my own head

I am more than mere words that describe my pastimes

This superficial explanation will never demonstrate 

How you will come to know me

But how can others comes to know me

If I don't even know myself

I'm having an identity crisis

Who am I?

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