February 25, 2017

Warm tears stream down her cheeks
Along the curves of her crooked nose.
Her head pounds at a faster pace then
She can keep track of.
Her ears ring at high pitches.
She cringes, shutting her eyes tight.
She can’t breathe.

Now she remains motionless on her bed,
Sitting with her back hunched over,
Her head resting in her palms.
She glances at the clock in front of her.
Through her teary eyes
She can barely make out the time.
11:48 PM.

The ringing in her ears is replaced.
She hears muffled shouts:
One angry and one sad.
She turns on her music.
She hears nothing
But the sound of her music blaring.

She turns her music off.
It is 2:41 AM.
She opens the door to her room
And finds her laying on the floor.
She goes back to her bed
And goes to sleep.

It is the next evening.
The cycle begins again.

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