buried burden

February 25, 2017
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I thought back to another disclosed envelope that I closed off years ago, sealed with the lick of my tongue, the flap cutting through until all I could taste was the metallic taste of blood and the tingling reminder of nostalgia

The memories crept up on me like misty morning fog, kissing desolated  thombstones in a graveyard of foreign tongues which spoke languages hardly decipherable yet I understood each one

Bodies decaying six feet under, each with a story of their own many with a remorse greater mystery than their tragic tale

signs of caution ignored with hope that burned slightly  more passionately than the aftermath of the fierce pain from what I thought I had buried deeply,rose from the earth slowly lowering itself and meeting my dark eyes

With a tilt of its head, black hair fell in spiderwebs leaving taunting shadows on the dotted blood stained walls matching the multiple hues of purple on my sadistically painted  knuckles

Looking down on me the demon smirked ominously, aware of the power and control it held within his clawed hands

In the darkest of the night, perhaps my mind, the demon opened its anthrax of a mouth, the tongue splitting into hundreds of anguishing tales on being buried alive, screaming furiously about the eerie stillness of earth and the damp coldness of dirt enclosing him from inflicting pain upon me to fuel his bloodthirsty appetite

Tears escaped down my cheeks, leaving neat pathways of lies on the dirty battleground of truth, reaching towards him for my love filled heart did not stop me, I was was met with nothingness in his ego centric heart dedicated to me like a lover proclaiming only her own destiny not a journey that it’s meant to be

Becoming consumed with my thoughts I leaned against the trunk of a weeping willow tree, thinking about the hardening of my own heart it needed to bury alive a demon which promised me nothing but misery, the pain it felt to suffocate myself to let him breathe

Digging my hands into the soft hairs of Mother Nature, I pushed myself up against the impenetrable void of self doubt, reaching for a shovel I dug the demon out and freed him into the chilling December night, I watched as it furled into a knot shrieking and screaming of change, but once it met my eyes, they flashed with uncertainty and hate
I left the cemetery unafraid of my actions for now I knew, what stays hidden will always remain exposed in the heart of a humble person.

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