Miss Doe Walking By

February 25, 2017
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Yellow heels clicking, wool pencil skirt swaying, Miss Doe walking by
She’s has that modern-day Hepburn look: confident, stylish
She’s no film-actress beauty, blonde haired with forget-me-not eyes
No, there’s something else, something in her calculated steps
Something that hooks you by the nose and draws you in

Pixie cut hair, perfume in the air, Miss Doe walking by
Either you want her or you want to be her
To possess the poise to make the world judder to a halt
To have the face to pull off that short, short hair
To be brave enough to chop it off to begin with

Cherry lips bright, sunglasses catching light, Miss Doe walking by
She walks the same path each day past the café where I sit
I imagine she’s headed to a grand office in the headquarters of something important.
I imagine her leaning her patent-leather brief-case against her tasteful desk
I imagine her taking a sip of coffee as she types away on a Mac

Slender legs stretch, outline clearly etched, Miss Doe walking by
Every morning I watch her as she continues unaccompanied on her mission
Her phone is never in her hand or to her ear
Eyes are always fixed ahead, no glancing, no meandering
She is never relaxed, this Miss Doe, this magnetic woman who is always alone.

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