Beauty and freedom

February 24, 2017
By SuNaychi SILVER, Yangon, Other
SuNaychi SILVER, Yangon, Other
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Favorite Quote:
'I don't care what you do in life, but whatever you do, be the best person in the world when you do it. Even if you're going to be a ditch digger, be the best ditch digger in the world.'

To define is
to limit, says Oscar Wilde
To define what's beautiful
is to limit beauty

Beauty never ends
Beauty is a new form of

Freedom never ends
Freedom is a new form of

Beauty exists
not in things and events, chained
to design
to pattern
to assonance

Beauty exists
Where there is freedom
Where there are fresh, endless planes
Where there are nightskies, unlimited by the horizon
Where there are oceans, which nature permits
the free flowing of
dynamic energy
in their blue veins
Where there is the universe, the perception of whose magnitude
man cannot bring in mind.

There exists beauty
Where there is either great space
or a great man with a heart
great enough to magnify
the beauty of every small space,
a free heart.

Oh, if man's heart were
to wear glasses
the beauty of the world
would have been
more free, in its flow
more pure, in its form
more unrestricted, in its space
more intense, in its flame.

The author's comments:

I was walking to my grandma's house when I suddenly realized how beautiful this February morning was. This is the first time I get a conception of perfection in beauty, and its connection with freedom. ( It was summer holiday, and days are loose and tuitions are closed, so I was feeling quite happy and free. ) I derived my inspiration from this event.

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