For you

February 24, 2017

I loved you 

I wanted you to be there forever 

I always looked up to you

you were always there for me, no matter what

You passed away 6 years ago

that was one of the worst days of my life

Its sad I sometimes forget your voice

I was only 11 

I charished you 

Can you see me now 

what do you think

Am I what you imagened 

could I have done anything better 

One day I will be in collage 

I will get married 

I will have kids

I will tell them all about you 

I rember being really bratty and you lived with it 

why can I only rember the bad and not the good

I wish you could be here 

I think you would have been proud of me 

am I still your little lady

I will never forget that 

You would always say to me "my litte lady"

Your now an angle

I loved you so much 

I still do

I will always rember you 

I will rember how you loved your garden 

I will rember how you loved your family

I will rember how you cared about the smallest things, the things that everyone else forgot about 

You are my grandma and I will forever charish you 

and everything you did  for me 

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