Fading into the Sand

February 9, 2017
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I'm alone.
Deadly solitude has become my brother,
and the sun has become my savior.
My partner died,
Fading away into the sand long ago,
making me lose sight of him,
but never forgetting his presence.
My life consists of long treks through paths of gravel
and stone crushed into microscopic grains.
Each grain reminding me of the struggles I face
and the choices I've made
It could have gone differently
I could've made a better life
I would've been able to tell a better story
One that lacks bumps and bruises to the heart,
and band aids to the soul
My hands are cut and calloused,
tanned and burnt from the sun exposure
My cheeks are hollowed with the lack of food and malnutrition that plagues me
I have no legacy,
no point of remembrance,
no worth to keep going
But I'll keep pushing,
pushing for my legacy,
pushing for my name to be remembered,
to be written on walls
Pushing more and more
until the day that I follow my partner,
the day I fade
into the sand.

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