in a world of difference

February 9, 2017
By , Newark, DE

You say we’re different
But our differences make us who we are.
All we want is to be seen as human beings.
Blacks are seen as criminals,
Muslims are called terrorists,
Gays are told they’re sinners,
And Hispanics are classified as illegal immigrants.
If we were all normal what would the world look like?
We wouldn’t have come this far.
There is too much racism and hate in this world,
So we need to get past our differences
And stop this hate.
What’s going to happen if we don’t stop?
Our world may fall apart.
We worry about what the future is going to look like
But we aren’t doing anything to change what’s happening now.
Instead of looking at everybody’s differences
We need to look at them as potential leaders or role models,
And we need to give hope for our future generations.

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