Pandora's Box

February 9, 2017
By Storm_Rose4665 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
Storm_Rose4665 BRONZE, Highland Village, Texas
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"From time to time, there arise among human beings people who seem to exude love as naturally as the sun gives off heat."

An intricate gold box.

Shining and shimmering,

Showing off the brilliant light its contents


A box of joy.

Encasing all the smiles and laughter of each day.

Grooming them to

Consume darkness

And share light with even the

Most unexpected of creatures.

A grand silver box.

Glowing and gleaming,

Displaying the soft light its contents


A box of wisdom.

Enclosing the sober thoughts and inhibitions of each decision.

Making way for

Wild dreams

And resting them until they will teach even the

Most unwise of people.


A modest white box.

Pulsing and pounding,

Gushing the vibrant light its contents


A box of love.

Embracing all the thoughts and feelings of friendships and families.

Holding what your

Heart can't

And saving them for a rainy day to share with even the

Most cold of hearts.

A horrific black box.

Bleeding and breathing,

Oozing the dark evil that its contents


Pandora's box.

A box of demons.

Imprisoning the evils of hatred, hurt, anger, loneliness, and exhaustion.

Turning the most pure thoughts

Into black nightmares

And driving mad even the

Most sane of minds.

Under your bed you hide

Pandora's box.

Hoping to contain the need for satisfaction.

For curiosity of its


But like the foolish Pandora,

You let the lock fall and the lid open

Releasing the demons it


They beat the joy from you.

They burned the wisdom from you.

They ripped the love from you.

All to be imprisoned in their shining boxes

As you bled.


You succumbed

Allowed them to take over.

You let them influence

To hide the gold box in the attic.

You let them persuade

To lock the silver box in the basement.

You let them brainwash

To bury the white box in the yard.

Day by day

You let them out.

Day by day

They watch you bleed.

Day by day

You beg to feel something.

Day by day

They become your addiction.

Day by day

You become void of all emotion.

Day by day

You rely on them to breathe again.


Oh Pandora's box!

How cruel a lie!

As you drown further

You seek it for air.

You breathe in the demons

Thinking they are your


Thinking they will end the


But oh Pandora's box.

How cruel a lie.

They are no


They are


They do not end the


They bring more





Search the attic.

Bring the gold box.

Release the joy.

For it allows hope.



Unlock the basement.

Bring the silver box.

Release the wisdom.

For it changes perspectives.



Dig up the yard.

Bring the white box.

Release the love.

For it is real.


Go search and labor to recover what you've willingly given up!


Then bury the box of demons deep

Six feet underground.

Leave it to rot with the carcass of your past.

Think of it no more.

Only then will you be free from

Pandora's box.


Only then can you learn to

Dance in the rain.

Only then can you learn to

Smile up at the clouds.

Only then can you learn to

Forget the pain.

Only then can you learn to



And most importantly,

Only then can you learn to


The author's comments:

This piece is about falling victim to one's inner demons and the desperate struggle to beat them and heal from the damage they have done. It is about finding the inner strength and determination to move forward in life and find true happiness in dark times. The inner demons in this piece can be thoughts, emotions, or harmful choices/addictions that one may battle within themselves or because of pressure around them. The other "boxes" represent the positive things one may find in friends, family, and relationships. This poem is mainly written to speak about mental health.

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