Cabin In The Forest

February 9, 2017
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Masking in its beauty,
The lonely cabin in the forest.
Winter has come,
Snow fell softly upon the rooftop.
An old broken down ladder found behind the cabin-
Ladder that leads to a beautiful crystal stream.

White tipped trees,
They speak my name.
Beg me to live amongst them inside the cabin
The trees have been cold and lonely-
The trees haven't seen anyone for quite sometime.
Trees I know how it's like,
For no one to be around anymore.

Is that what this is?
For me and the cabin are similar-
We both have been abandoned,
Only to be forgotten by others.
Yes it hurt when you left,
But everything is okay now.
From now till the end of time it's me and the cabin,
Only thing is there is no cabin-
It's just me.
For I am the cabin in the forest.

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Literacy112 said...
Mar. 5 at 11:55 pm
I really like this story I have a very similar expirence myself.
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