February 9, 2017
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At school I have my mask on,

3 inches thick
It covers me and makes me feel safe
but it is not who I am
It's something telling me what to
do, say, look like
so I can fit in
it protects me from the harshness of kids,
and tells me what the latest slang is
all so I am normal                             
I despise being normal


At home I take my mask off,
wash my face
and become my true self
at home I am okay with who I am
now my own mind is telling me what to
do, say, look like
I can truly be myself
I love being myself,
at home

Yesterday I went home and
tried to take my mask off
but it would not budge.
I pulled, screamed, fought,
I could not figure it out,
why my mask would not come off
Then I realized
I had become my mask
it was not my mask but my own mind,
telling me what to do, say, look like
all those things that I despised about being normal
were now me
I loved myself and
despised being normal
but now myself is normal and
I despise myself

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