Where I'm From

February 9, 2017

I come from parents expecting a 4.0
and to get over 15 kills a match
I come from pressure to start in college
to work, play volleyball, and do schoolwork
I come from anxiety, it is shaking and sleep depriving
Curiosity knowing it might end up coming home to a tornado.

I come from wanting to pause,
to take a breath.
I come from telling myself that I am doing well
Getting no approval from parents.
I come from trying to please,
trying to become a starting D1 athlete and a genius.

I come from successes,
In volleyball, and intelligence in personal interest.
I come from effort,
always wanting to improve academically and athletically
I come from a high tree
And the apple rolled to far

I am from these traits
A star that gets overlooked when gazing
An intelligent athletic ethical star
A star that strays away from the other galaxy.
A star that is different intellectually and larger
And breaks notions from its parent star.

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