Bob Goat

February 9, 2017
By ColinBrannon BRONZE, Lake City, Florida
ColinBrannon BRONZE, Lake City, Florida
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And to this day, all there is is negativity,
Why can't there be a happy story about a happy person?
Or about a happy animal, a goat named Bob.
This goat named Bob would have to be butchered in your story,
But he's grazing in mine.
He's wasting time,
He's having fun, no need for sadness
The goat is on a boat, sailing away
He's long for new grass to eat
An epic voyage worthy of a medal,
He travels quickly, speeding on a pedal
A pedal-powered boat,
This goat riding a pedal-powered boat,
No need to drift afloat.
When he's on his pedal-powered steamboat.
Sailing to Ireland, to eat all their potatoes.
He'll arrive and they'll marvel at the sight
Of a goat
On a pedal-powered steamboat.
The steam flows through the air, run by the drift wood he finds on the way to ?ire.
This pedal-powered steamboat is running fast, he'll get their quick to eat all their carrot sticks until he's sick.
Once the carrot sticks run out and he's eaten all the potatoes he’ll eat the beets.
While his feet pedal the pedal-powered steamboat.

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