Valentine's Day

February 9, 2017

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner,
Which means hearts, and kisses in the halls,
Planning dates and chocolates.
I can't honestly complain about the chocolate,
Because who doesn’t love chocolate?

The only gifts I ever got for Valentine’s Day was from my mom,
And maybe a small thing or two from my friends,
But the one thing I’ve never had for Valentine’s Day was a boyfriend.
That never used to bother me before,
But high school is completely different from middle school.
Couples going hand in hand down the halls,
Hugging in the commons,
Kissing in the corners, away from the prying eyes of teachers.
I’ve never had that.

The other kids look at me weird when I say I’ve never had my first kiss.
Is it wrong that I believe a guy should prove he deserves the right of my first kiss?
I never thought so,
But maybe I am wrong.

This year will be the first year I have a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day,
And I can’t help but get my hopes up.
What is it he will get me?
Will he give me a giant teddy bear?
Maybe some chocolates?
A card?
I feel as if he will get me nothing,
Even when he says he will.
Things never seem to ever work out in my favor,
So I pray that he won’t let me down like so many others have.

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