When you left

February 9, 2017
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You made me cry
You made me wish I never saw you from the start
You made me love you and then shoved a dagger through my heart
I started to love every feature, the tiny twinkle in your eye
I fell in love with your presence
I fell in love with your smile
But in the end you just made all of my feelings diminish
You killed that part of me and didn’t even know it
You made me feel every emotion imaginable
But now I can’t truly feel them at all
i've never been that lighthearted
Never been that deeply depressed
Never been that furious
Never been that elated with my life
Now i'm just neutral
I can truly care for nothing
And it's all because you made me feel so much
Then just left my life with no problem
And when you left, you took every piece of me

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