Lost Souls

March 2, 2017

The Seven Deadly Sins are Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath.

Take me to church, I’m committing all of them.

I desire the happiness others are receiving.
While I'm just here fixated upon you.
Jealousy is taking over me.
I am Envy.

I am consuming my way out because I’m hungry?
I’m eating my feelings away since you left.
I’m eating my my soul away since you gave no warning.
I’m eating my life away since you did the same to yours.
I am Gluttony.

I do not believe God needed more angels.
Nor do I believe this happened for a reason.
Why me.
Why not someone else?
I want to be happy.
I want to try to forget what happened to you.
I want reassurance from you.
I’m lost.
I am Greed.

I want you.
No, not sexually or passionately.
The love we had was no Romeo and Juliet.
But Pooh and Piglet.
I am Lust.

It was Pride that changed Angels to Demons.
It was Pride that changed Lucifer to the Devil.
It was Pride that led Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.
Now Pride is changing me from heavenly to sinful.
Now Pride is changing me from a giver to a receiver.
Now Pride is manifesting itself in my thoughts and life.
I am Pride.


I am broken.
Not wanting to do anything.
It used to be Sunday morning ice cream with you,
now it’s Sunday mourning without you.
I am Sloth.

I have uncontrollable feelings of rage.
You promised me you'd watch me grow up.
You promised me you'd watch me graduate.
You promised me you'd watch me get married.
You promised me you’d watch me go to college.
Promises… I hope I never break them.
I am Wrath.

I am the participant of sins.
Yet no one knows.
Lost souls waiting for the day to reconnect once more.

You were there for my first breath, I was there for your last.
Now all I'm left to do is pour my heart down on this paper.
My everlasting memory.

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zuzswang said...
Mar. 6 at 1:58 am
this is amazing and the emotion it conveys is just absolutely brilliant
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