Best Mistake

March 3, 2017

I could see it glistening
Like a diamond in your eyes
He would stare into mine as if I was the last diamond alive.
I was important, but I treated him like he was worth more.
But that wasn’t enough
He needed more, he strived for better than me.

He needed more and I kept him back from that
I left him alone as much as I could
But I was passionate about him.
He showed fondness towards her
I could hear them laughing
See them blushing
It broke me down

His smell still lingers on my clothes
And in my heart, as much as I scrub him out
His heart hears nothing
When we pass each other in the halls and bump into each other,
His touch shocks me, but I know he feels nothing
He needed more than what I was.
His taste was her.
Sadly he was still the best mistake I’ve had.

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