Technology Consumes

February 28, 2017

Technology is the thing that consumes us all
Technology is the thing that will make us fall
First we used it for communication
But now it distracts from our education
Now we can say mean things just like that
By pressing a button and posting on Snapchat

Technology takes time from our family too
Some people may realize it and some don’t have a clue
We try to have dinner as a nice big family
But were still in a world of electronic fantasy

We post mean things ‘cause we’re trying to get fame
But it really just brings that person shame
We may think its funny but it’s really not
It’s really something that will make that person rot

I’m not saying that it can’t be used for good
But that is the way we really should
Don’t do something mean-do something nice
So this world could be less like ice

Maybe we will stay the same-maybe we’ll get worse
All we can do is hope that we won’t burst
But like Michael Jackson said- “start with the man in the mirror”
Because if we do maybe our life’s will be clearer

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