My Testimoney, My Faith, My God

February 28, 2017

Is God real? If God is real why is our world like it is today? If God is real why do I have such a hard life? If God is real how come thousands of people are dying each day? If God is real why doesn’t He take away all of the bad in the world since He has all the power? Well let me ask you this, why are you questioning him? God only does good in this world, you know who does bad? Satan, the Devil, the one who whispers in your ear to kill that person or hurt that person or even do something simple as making fun of someone, the Devil is the one who causes all your pain, he is the one who does all the bad in this world, God is good, so if God is good and only does good, why doesn’t He take away all the bad in the world? Well we were put here on this earth for a reason, us people have free will, we can do whatever we want when we want, and God put us on this earth to have relationships with each other and Him, and some people reject him, some of those people are the bad we refer to in this world, even if God did take away all the bad in the world, there would still be those bad people that rejected him because He made a promise, the rainbow, and He can’t get rid of those people, God cannot force those people or you to love Him, but He will always love them and you, God created everything look all around you, at your friends and your family look at you, God made each and everyone of us with His hands, how could you think all of this was made by chance, we are His messengers, His voice from people to people, some are those messengers, and some are not, explain this to me, how come when someone Christian or for say Catholic speaks out publicly for their religion they get reported, compared to someone Mormon or Buddhist even can go and do the same thing, or evangelize, and nothing happens? How come our school doesn’t let us play Christmas music anymore? How come stores are now telling their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas? Because they are trying to take Christ out of Christmas, and let me tell you it’s not going to be that easy, but let me tell you something else, all this is from the Devil, God has a plan and yes it’s hard to trust him because He’s not physically here, it’s called faith, and we hear faith, we know faith but we don’t physically see it do we? Faith isn’t something you choose to have you just have it, and with God faith is trust, faith is trusting Him with your problems with your pain you withhold in your heart, Jesus was born in a manger, the nastiest part of the house where animals eat and do their business, we all have a manger in our lives, are you letting God into your nasty manger? Because as soon as you let him in you your life will go from dirt to gold, dark to light, God is real, miracles are real, God is the creator, the Redeemer, the Listener, He is the hand holding our earth, and if you can’t see this then God bless you, God bless you all, there will always be someone here for you, God, He will always love you no matter what, there is nothing and I mean NOTHING you can do to make Him stop loving you, God bless you good people, and may God guide you through the structure of pain, success and love known as the way of life. Amen.

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writerforfun42 said...
May 27 at 8:13 pm
If I could click 1000 love its on the page I would, that is how good this is!!
writerforfun42 said...
May 27 at 8:12 pm
Wow! I loved this! This message is so needed in our society. Our culture keeps walking away from God. If we had more faith, we'd have less of the horrible things happen which occur regularly around the world. I hope you continue to give this message, for it is one that needs to be spoken. Thank you for writing this, because it is inspirational.
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