Today We Fly

February 28, 2017
By Claire123 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
Claire123 PLATINUM, Seattle, Washington
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I've written you a hundred letters - yet
              by the end my words have fallen flat
And so I wait until you
              breathe life into my heart again
              And then I try again
But there are feelings that -  no language - can express


And I have your name written on
              the back of my hand
              the side of my neck
              the front of my mind
And yet my breath still shakes when I dial your number
              picture you whispering on the other line
              fingers running through tangled hair
My heart full of - too many words - as I smile like a fool into the phone


Do you know how often our memories lie on my lips
             ready to spill over
And how often I've burst into tears
             the minute you shut the car door
             because I miss your arms even when

             they're holding me
Because sometimes it - overwhelms me - down to my toes


How many times will I tell the sky about you
           how I'm so happy that it
           fills me up
And these days I laugh until I cry
           because my head is full
           but my heart is light
And so as we walk blindly to tomorrow - today you and I - today we fly.

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