Candy Candy I Want Candy

February 28, 2017
By , Peoria, IL

You can buy some chocolate in boxes or in bars.
Snickers is the very best. Here is one from Mars!

You might like some Hershey kisses or a Nestle's Crunch.
Buy some chocolate for your breakfast. Buy some for your lunch.
Try Mallow Cups and Almond Joy, and if you’ve got the blues,
buy Toblerone or Milk Duds or famous Charleston Chews.

Here is one that has a malted middle. It’s called Whopper.
Jawbreakers are hard to bite. Have you tried Gobstopper?
Get some Dots or Junior Mints, Rolos  or Big Cherry.
Get Goobers for your brother and Nerds for guys named Barry.
Get Airheads for your sister and Bull’s Eye for your dame.
If you know a Mary Jane, one candy’s got HER name.

Here are Smarties for your parties, and if you desire,
you can buy some Red Hots and just feel your mouth go on fire!

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