February 17, 2017
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The isolated Canadian wilderness
remains home to wildlife galore. The
shrill mating calls of a mockingbird
penetrate the hum of
the forest. Deer trot across the beaten undergrowth,
vigorously gnawing on bitter clover,
eyes wide and alert.
Mice nimbly maneuver around oncoming
hooves. The churning river provides a home,
cool waters shielding critters
from the active forest.
Providing a cool refreshment,
nourishing wild animals and hikers alike.

The forest is a sanctuary to its residents.
It’s the little white church of the wild;
warm, congregation smiling.
Without the protection of their homes,
where would these families be? An
oil-slicked gull
struggling to lift its wings,
his family hopping helplessly
around him.
An injured doe, whining by the highway,
mother long gone.
A hawk perched in the factory rafters
through the smog.

Your child
carried away from the comfort of his home;
crying, alone in the dark.

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