Excitement while Waiting

February 17, 2017
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Excitement is the rush you feel when jumping from a twenty story building,
Starting each day with something to look forward to,
Like the final bell of the school day.
Happiness directed towards one objective,
Thoughts of people or responsibilities own no place in your mind.
A whirlwind of foresight into what might happen,
Dwelling. Waiting,
The moment never seems to arrive.
The moment like the microwave finishing,
Reaching out to the pizza rolls in wait,
Scattered about on the plate like playing cards thrown on the ground.
Smelling the wonderful aroma of reheating grease stirs up even more excitement.
The glistening crust reflecting the microwave lighting
Excitement at times may be painful,
Like waiting all week for a package from Amazon,
When it finally gets to your house
Arrives broken.
Spending each minute passing by,
Writhing on the ground because you know
The sweet, hot taste of the little pockets of cheese and pepperoni
Approaching in the near future,
But the near future feels like an eternity away.

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