Morning Routine

February 17, 2017
By avanelle.encarnacion BRONZE, Harrisonburg, Virginia
avanelle.encarnacion BRONZE, Harrisonburg, Virginia
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Nightstand alarm clock blares

5:30 am
Eyes blink
Three times
Sleepily roll out of bed
Drag my feet into the bathroom
Cold tiles like January ice
Turn the handle of the squeaky faucet
Cold water rushes out
I splash handfuls onto my face
And I squeeze the Crest onto my brush
As if it were my stress ball
The minty flavor fills my mouth
Swish, swish
Water rushes out
Into the sink
Then I wipe my skin with a plush towel
Icy tiles change to warm wood floors under my feet
The smell of sulfur fills my nostrils
Ugh, eggs
Walking back towards my room
I feel the fuzzy carpet in between my toes
Clothes spill out of my tightly packed dresser
What to wear, what to wear
I pick a scratchy woolen sweater
And my favorite jeans
Mist, mist
Miracle by Lancôme sprays onto my torso
I’m ready to go
I meander to my silver Toyota
As slow as a tortoise
Off to hell

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