The Carousel

February 16, 2017

I'm glad that it ends this way. I'm glad that I can go on my own. I'm glad that you won't forget about me. I don't have much time so I write this letter. Not to one person but to them all, for everyone, for anyone who would listen. So here is my message, my song, I will sing it for as long as I can carry its melody. When I was young, my greatest fear was not monsters, or ghost or even the dark, no I feared what could be seen, what could be attainable. I feared leaving this world without making it different, without being remembered. So I promised myself I would do what I wanted, become whatever I wanted, my mark in the sand wouldn’t be washed away like so many others before me. I held this mentality for most of my life, but then the unthinkable came for me, like an annoying, all consuming, relative. The unthinkable knocked on my door and I was forced to answer it’s call. It took everything I had, my appetite, my strength, my joy, my hair. I have accepted it, that the fears I had as a child of becoming a faceless, nameless human that had no effect on this world were going to be true. The clock was ticking and the time was just shortening with every breath. I knew that it was over for me, hence I write this letter, so you all know. It's okay to be ordinary, it's okay if you are not a legend and that you don't live in infamy, that you grow old, happy, and, simple. There is nothing wrong with being ordinary, so to all listening to my tune, listen well. No matter what you become, whether on the movie screens or cleaning the movie screens, do it well. Be proud of who you are, know that whatever you may do you are an essential piece of the never ending carousel. It’s much easier to give up when you have found your place in the world. My time is almost up but hear my lyrics, it's okay to be ordinary, there's no shame in being normal, in living in simplicity. Be who you are and be it for as long as you can, because eventually the carousel stops and you are forced off. And as you're being dragged away from all that you know, don’t you want to look back thinking you have become all that you are?

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Phoebek said...
Feb. 27 at 10:05 pm
Amazing!!! Really incredible
simplysun said...
Feb. 27 at 7:16 pm
v inspiring:))
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