The Night I was Dared to Kiss my Neighbor

February 16, 2017

She had always been so beautiful and in a way, I had always been envious.

Her beautiful indian like hair, short petite stature, and way with boys made me wonder
How she could be friends with someone like me?

Even as we stood on the freshly painted porch of my house with a couple of our neighbors

I was just left to ponder on the fact that my best friend was a goddess and I was not.

I was curvier, taller, and could not talk to a boy for the death of me.

She did what I could not with grace and little to no words as possible.



My best friend stood so confident, hips out and her signature smirk plastered on her lips.

It was as if she knew every one of our guy neighbors would be calling out to her

Wanting to be dared to kiss her even for just a second
She was their most valuable prize.

I was just another carry on

Nevertheless, I knew the truth
My best friend was timid but never backed down from any dare.

She was experienced, I was not.

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