February 16, 2017

I was once told.
In life there are walls.
You can’t go over them.
Because It’s just too tall.
You can’t go around them.
Because they never end.
I was told to be a tennis ball.
I was told to hit the wall.
Bounce back like a tennis ball.
I was told to not be an egg.
An egg will crack and break.
Be resilient and recover.
Don’t be a tennis ball.
Don’t be an egg.
Don’t go over the wall.
Don’t go around the wall.
Hit that wall.
If that wall stands in your way.
Break that wall.
Don’t let the wall break you.
You break that wall.
When something stands in your way.
Keep pushing.
Keep moving forward.
If the wall in your way doesn’t move.
Break it.
Make it move.
You go through the wall.
And if you always do.
You’ll always succeed.

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