I Wonder

February 16, 2017
By bmwilliams1 BRONZE, Simms, Texas
bmwilliams1 BRONZE, Simms, Texas
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I wonder how lonely it is to be the moon,
I wonder why God takes our loved ones too soon,
I wonder why I can never sleep at night,
I wonder if I should keep fighting this fight,
I wonder who would miss me after I am gone,
I wonder who would sit by my tombstone,
And sing me a song or read for me,
Because only few know those are my favorite things,
I wonder about things I can not help,
I wonder if others have lived what I felt,
I wonder how long I have until I break,
I wonder how long death really takes,
But for now i’ll hold on, not for me, but for you,
If only everyone finally knew...

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