Blue - the girl I knew

February 15, 2017
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I remember the first I saw you.
You were alone and scared.
You face shone of shock and I can tell by your eyes.
That abandonment issues began flooding back into your body just so it could cuddle with Depression once again.
I remember the way you spoke slowly dragged me into your arms like a baby wanting it's mother's love.
I knew by the way your heart thumped that you were a wild child since birth.
I knew you were crazy, but still I allowed you to seep your way into my cuts like a disease I could never have stopped.
I remember sitting in class, let's be specific, it was health.
I remember when I turned the page and saw DEPRESSION labeled across the page. You're heart stopped and you wiggled in your chair, but I'll never know why. Then again when they read down the symptoms you seemed to want to cry. Why cry though? Don't you understand what monsters this disorder bring to the mind.
I remember you told me there was a party that everyone could go to. So I came but the thing is. The other party guest were not the same.
I saw abandonment issues, that a boy with brown eyes gave you. He said I'm sorry for leaving, but who cares it's only you. I saw triggering topics like suicide, bullying, cutting and just the basic overall of what other people brought for your party.

The thing is... I remembered I was the only one at the party and the guest were all just blue shades on the wall. That created one mind that I called my own.

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